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WPA Module Racks have WPA internal power supplies fitted with toroidal transformers for zero added hum & buzz. Other racking outfits use off-the-shelf internal power supplies that don’t have toroidal transformers and thus often impart some hum in the outputs.

Virtually any console module or other audio module can be racked up for use in the studio or in the field. Here are a few samples of gear that has been racked up at World Pro Audio.

Most racks are built so that the modules can be extracted for service, making removal of the entire rack unnecessary. Quality parts and neat internal wiring round out the design so that service of the rack itself will be a rare occurance.

Racked Neve 31099 x2

Neve 1102

Langevin 251 (Black)

Trident A

Quad Eight 444

Spectra Sonics IM6

Electrodyne 711

Neve 1073

Trident A

Quad Eight 333 & 444

Siemans V72

Langevin 252

Neumann PV76

Neve 1272

Sidecar Harrison 32

Trident B

QE MP401

Neve 1081 Mic Pre

Auditronics IME 110

Racked Siemans V72 x2

Neve 31099

Langevin 251 (Silver)

Racked Langevin 251 silver x2 Racked Langevin 252 x1 Racked Trident A x2 Racked Neumann PV76 x2

Neotek Series 2

Racked Neotek Series 2 x2Racked Spectra Sonics IM6 x2Racked Neve 1272 x 4click to enlargeSidecar Harrison 32Racked Neve 1073 x2Racked Trident B x2Racked Trident A x8Racked Quad Eight MP401 x2Racked Neve 1081 Mic Pre x2Racked Altec 9475 x2

Altec 9475

Racked Quad Eight 333 x4 & Quad Eight 444 x4 Racked Neve 1102 x2 Click to see bad rack jobs Racked Calrec AM6-17 x2

Calrec AM6-17

Racked Langevin 251 black x2 Racked Quad Eight 444 EQ x8 Racked Auditronics IME110 x2

Pricing starts at $500 for 1U, $550 for 2U. Click for details

1/4” jack hi-impedence inputs to modules can be added to any rack.

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