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Pro Audio Repair and Vintage Equipment Repair

Equipment check-out / Pre-sale check-out

Recapping - Electrolytic Capacitor Replacment

Switch Cleaning

Pot and Fader cleaning

Equipment Modification

Recapping - Electrolytic Capacitor Replacement Equipment check-out / Pre-sale check-out Pro Audio Equipment Modification Pot and Fader cleaning Switch Cleaning Repair of Pro Audio and Vintage Equipment

Shop Rate for Repair: $78.00/hr, 1   hr min

Shop Rush Rate: $117.00/hr, 2 hr min

  (rush jobs  typically completed in 1 day, usually not more than 2 except when parts must be ordered)

Field Service Rate: $100/hr, 5 hour min (drive time billed both to and from job site)

Triage Rate: $78/hr, 1/2 hour min (check out of equipment to determine scope of needed service. Sometimes  you’re not sure what’s up. )

Pro Audio Repair and Technical Services