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Pro Audio Products Capacitors removed Recapping - Electrolytic Capacitor Replacement

At World Pro Audio we are experts at replacing capacitors. We use a combination of the best equipment, skilled personnel and quality, long lasting caps to restore the sound of your gear to that which it had when it was new. Because we use the right equipment and techniques our rates are hard to beat.

Virtually all audio gear uses electrolytic caps in the signal path and virtually all electrolytic capacitors need replacing sooner or later. If your audio equipment is 7 to 10 years old it may need caps replaced. If your gear is more than 10 years old it's almost a for sure.

The nasty aspect of electrolytic cap failure is that it happens very gradually at first. For instance, sonic degradation may be occurring gradually from year 7 to year 12, so gradually that if you use the gear regularly your ears will adapt and it's likely that you won't notice the losses (until it’s too late). Some caps  fade gradually whereas others fade gradually at first and then die quickly. (Neve V and 8128 owners know about the latter).

The symptom of aging caps (they actually dry up on the inside) is loss of low end and punch and eventually loss of level at all frequencies. The aging will also cause a vague loss of clarity and sometimes a "veil" across the sound.

Audio gear also employs electrolytic caps in the power supply circuits. Aging caps there can result in audible hum in the gear’s outputs.

World Pro Audio - 2900 Riverside Drive Ste 8, Los Angeles, CA 90039    Tel: 323 285-6000, Fax: None can capacitor refurb