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Pro Audio Products

Amp Repair:  

Repairs made to tube amps.  Specializing in cleaning up the sound and lowering hum.

PreAmp Repair, Mic Pre Repair:

Repairs to most standalone and modular preamps, including tube types.

Recording Console Repair:

Most console modules can be repaired on the bench. We have s lot of test jigs on hand, and will make any test jig needed, usually at no cost.  On site console repair available.

Tape Recorder Repair:

Ampex, Scully, Studer, Otari, MCI  (Call about others)

Repair & alignment.  Old professional tape recorders welcome.

Outboard Gear Repair, Audio Compressor Repair, Equalizer

Repair, Effects Repair, et al:  

Most brands of analog gear,  -We do not repair digital gear-

Microphone Repair:

Internal repairs and capsule cleaning for many major brands.  As we do not modify microphones or replace/reskin capsules, if your mic only needs a capsule cleaning or internal repair turn-aournd time will be much better than that of so-called mic “gurus”.

 Headphone Repair:

 Repairs made to head phone cables and internal wiring - why throw dead or intermittant phones away?  We do not replace headphone drivers as that is usually not cost efficient.  A more more durable cable can be added to your phones.

Repair of Pro Audio and Vintage  Equipment

To see a list of

on-hand test jigs,

 click here.

To see a (partial) list of gear repaired at WPA,

click here