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Pro Audio Links

Customers and Friends of World Pro Audio

Time Release Records

Vox Studios

Joey Waronker

Gus Seyffert

The Bank Studio

Unit A Recording Arts

Magic Garden Mastering

Fairfax Recordings (Sound City)

Rob Schnapf

Little Red Book Mastering

Barefoot Recording

KingSize SoundLabs

Mike Andrews

Outlaw Sound

Ashley Irwin

Peter Mayes

The Laquer Channel Mastering

Jeff Pilson

All Together Now Live

Pro Audio General Interest

Coutant (pics and info on mics and other vintage gear)

Hammond Museum of Radio (very vintage gear)

Ampex Virtual Museum (everything Ampex)

Audio Heritage (history of Altec)

Audio Cyclopedia (the definitive text on Pro Audio)

Pro Audio Technical Maintenance sources

Terry’s Rubber Rollers  (pinch roller retread / new pinch rollers)

ATR Magnetics (Recording Tape & Ampex ATR parts)

JRF Magnetic Sciences (Tape recorder Heads, head lapping)

Bob’s Tool and Die (for Capstan truing)

Magnetic Reference Laboratory (for Tape Recorder alignment tapes

Pro Audio Links